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We build great SEO strategies for business growth.

Lead Generation

Understanding your targeted audience’s insights and getting leads to generate sales later is always better.

Digital Brand

Always better to move around with a roadmap. Build your digital brand awareness with result-driven techniques.


Finesse in beating the industry leader and boosting your online growth with effective digital marketing.

What we do


Raise your company’s profile and be seen as one of the leaders in your industry. Become a household name with support from one of Asia’s most reputable digital marketing agencies, helping you and your brand achieve skyrocketing heights in your niche.

Digital Studio

Understanding the problem and how the online market works are the basic key to achieving your brand’s long-term growth objectives. It’s always better to have a roadmap and an effective strategy that will boost your online presence and gets to never-ending sales.

Social Media

Allow Controlled Seo to convey your thoughts and products to the world, through streamlined social media marketing. We’ll get you a social presence like never before cutting through the chaos and connecting your brand to the most beneficial customers for your niche.

E-commerce Marketing

Shake-Hands with an Agency whose only purpose is to put a smile on its client’s face while staying focused on your brand’s commercial goals. Here at Controlled Seo while getting you to the top of your niche through our bespoke eCommerce gameplans only for your specific BRAND.


 It’s always better to know the online behavioral insights of your most related customers by being directly involved with them as better visibility and online presence get you better sales. Here at Controlled Seo, we’ll help you with a road map to igniting your digital success through data analytics.

Our process

At Controlled Seo, we tend to keep the process simple and transparent for our clients. We start off with basic market research for our clients, gather insights into our competitor’s work and just do it better than theirs, we keep on trying until it’s visible on SERPs.


Healthy market research is the basics to start winning the competition, a good survey helps you create a podium-winning roadmap.


Designing a winning strategy is what really helps you achieve your long-term goals. No matter the industry you are working in when it comes to constructing a plan a proper SMART design is what we really require when achieving our goals. And, Controlled Seo, has been doing it successfully for their clients for a decade now.


We just can’t approve a strategy until it’s tested, Our professionals not just do the designing and research but they test the process until it’s approved to be applied.


Once the work is done and everything has been tested and approved. It’s time to apply the strategy and wait until we start taking over the industry, and if the results are not satisfactory, it’s just REPEAT-REPEAT-REPEAT until it’s visible.

Why choose us

Controlled Seo, has been taking care of its clients globally for a decade now. With our team of in-house professionals, we can take down any kind of online supremacy. With our unique way of handling problems, we have been able to push SERP rankings & put a smile on our Client’s Faces.

Unique methodology

We come up with bespoke strategies for our clients depending on the results they are looking for and in whatever niche they are working in.

Guaranteed results

Nothing happens overnight, so it’s just a myth to rank on top within a day. But what our professionals at Controlled Seo guarantee are positive results and better rankings within half a year. Cause we don’t work on fake promises.

Great support

We’ll never leave you alone in times of zero sales, Instead, we’ll come up with better roadmaps and result-driven strategies for YOU and your BRAND.


Don’t Take our Word for See What Our Clients Say About us


My experience with Controlled Seo has been exceptional Out of all the agencies I have been working professionally with in the past have never been able to deliver what Controlled Seo has provided us with. They helped us achieve a podium place on SERPs and the team of professionals is always ready to cater to any online adjustments and they do work as professionals.


I was having a hard time getting Google rankings for my brand until I got into a contract with Controlled Seo. The professionals made it look so easy just like a piece of cake and within 6 months of working with them, my sales started to skyrocket. Not gonna change my digital partner ever. Controlled Seo, for the win.


According to me, any company having second thoughts about hiring Controlled Seo is just CRAZY. These guys are just exceptional when it comes to handling online presence and constructing websites until they are on top. In 4 years of working with them, I have had zero complaints. Cause they are honest and transparent.

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