Google Ads

Google Ads help Grow YOUR Brand

Lately, Google Ads have been playing an immense role for marketers all around the globe in making sales because of their effectiveness and ability to perform the job. Google Ads help YOU to promote your brand, by creating brand awareness, and more engaging traffic on your site which eventually leads to the SALE of your product. The good thing about Google ads is that they are managed online, empowering the user to make and edit their ad campaigns from anywhere in the world. No minimum spending and YOU can set your own budget, choose where to pop the ads, and yes within budget, isn’t it just great? While here at Controlled Labs, we’ll be taking all the stress and getting your brand promoted through google ads with the help of our in-house experts within your budget.

Reaching your Niche

Why get google ads service? Well, the answer to this is to get your ideal customers, but how is it really done? Targeting your audience is a crucial part but will help you segment your customers. Once you have done segmenting you now need to work on the keywords, a process where you identify your buyer personas and think the way your customers think. Writing your ads should be done in a way that they hit your audience with certain appeals and trigger them emotionally so that they behave in a way in which you want them to. But for implementing this you really need to know how your customers behave only then you’ll be able to generate an ideal response for your brand. Lastly, to top things off you need better visuals for your ads to generate a stimulus that triggers a response, and the clickbait technique is used and enticing your customer’s desire to make a purchase of your product or service. Contracting with a google ads agency like Controlled Labs, this entire tiring process can be executed professionally.

YOU sit, Relax and GROW

Google ads can be quite difficult to handle for beginners, the only reason Controlled labs take these ads seriously for our clients and that’s the reason many brands work with us. Partnering with us gives you the relaxation of sitting with zero worries and watching your site grow enormously, while we go through all the technicalities for YOU. With a team of in-house professionals, we are capable of executing your marketing objectives and managing your brand needs like they are meant to be satisfied. Controlled Labs walks alongside you through your keyword research, digital ad copy, and budget management. Brands mostly have queries related the keyword rates, so it all depends on the industry you working in usually between 1 and 2 dollars, but working with us can get YOU an ideal Google Ads budget with respect to your industry.

Garnering Reach like never before

Nearly 90% of internet users daily come across google ads being displayed with an average of 3.5 billion searches on google every 24 hours that’s a massive reach for an ad. Using Google ads come up with a lot of pros:

  • Google Ads are Scalable. Creating a Google AdWords campaign convert your customers to profits following an increased PPC budget leading to increased sales.
  • Google Ads are Flexible. Giving away enormous amounts of parameters and never done before value addition and within your budget brackets.
  • Google Ads are Measurable. Google ads are not like traditional media tools (print, radio, television) but are the most quantified and measurable tools providing PPC metrics allowing any business to calculate their return on investments.

Role, Camera—Action! It’s time to kick-start your Projects.

Controlled Labs will help you Reach TOP, achieving all milestones.