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Digital marketing is a powerful and essential strategy that empowers businesses to connect with their audience, increase visibility, and drive growth in the digital realm. By harnessing the full potential of digital channels, companies can seize new opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in the digital age.

Top-Notch SEO Reseller Services

Time is money, so why waste your time managing all SEO aspects for your clients when you can have expertise from SEO professionals? Availing of Controlled SEO Reseller Services can allow you massive time to invest in what you do the BEST, while our in-house SEO experts can take care of the most time taking and tedious activities for YOU and YOUR clients. Shake hands with Controlled SEO and see your SEO margins reach sky-rocketing heights.

– Keeping Everything 100% White-Labelled

– Dedicated Account Manager for each project

– Bespoke Dashboards

– Non-Disclosure Contracts

– Fast ROI

Why Trust Controlled SEO as Your SEO Reseller?

We provide an all-in-one solution to all. Our in-house experts not only focus on search engine optimization but our Agency focuses on web design, digital marketing, and specialized SEO techniques too. We’ll help you stack your Portfolio by applying the most advanced and result-driven techniques, without spending sums on new hirings and additional expenses.

Facebook Ads
Facebook ads service gives away features allowing you to narrow down your audience with respect to geography and demographics. IF Facebook ads are rationally used, they can benefit you with higher ROI and success rate. And to top things off Facebook Ads are not heavy on your pockets…..
Instagram Adverts
Insta Ads allow businesses to use in-depth analytics to deliberately reach out to their audience and brand awareness along with more organic traffic and sales. Using behavioral targeting and insights from customer databases, it’s possible to develop attention-catching ads…..
Google Ads
Google Ads have been playing an immense role for marketers all around the globe in making sales because of their effectiveness and ability to perform the job. Google Ads help YOU to promote your brand, by creating brand awareness, and more engaging traffic on your site which eventually leads to the SALE of your product…..
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Content Marketing
Content marketing shouldn’t be left out if you want to improve your marketing strategies. It plays an essential role in the overarching strategy, it helps connect your brand to your audience via various formats ultimately achieving your objectives. It all depends on your aims and goals and how you want your content marketing to execute…..
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My experience with Controlled Seo has been exceptional Out of all the agencies I have been working professionally with in the past have never been able to deliver what Controlled Seo has provided us with. They helped us achieve a podium place on SERPs and the team of professionals is always ready to cater to any online adjustments and they do work as professionals.


I was having a hard time getting Google rankings for my brand until I got into a contract with Controlled Seo. The professionals made it look so easy just like a piece of cake and within 6 months of working with them, my sales started to skyrocket. Not gonna change my digital partner ever. Controlled Seo, for the win.


According to me, any company having second thoughts about hiring Controlled Seo is just CRAZY. These guys are just exceptional when it comes to handling online presence and constructing websites until they are on top. In 4 years of working with them, I have had zero complaints. Cause they are honest and transparent.

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