Social Media Marketing

Be dominant over the Internet

It won’t be wrong to say that social media has been growing immensely in recent years providing never-ending opportunities for businesses to grow and serving as a platform for them to get their messages to the masses. As social media marketers, we do know how to take charge, because by now the traditional methods of getting an audience by just posts are long forgotten, at the current hour it’s all about “pay-to-play” due to increased competition. Newer social media apps brought new establishments with them regarding advertisement as it will be QUICK, RELIABLE, and COST-EFFECTIVE, with a great reach across the globe. By now all influential brands are present over social media and by partnering with Controlled Labs, we assure YOU that YOUR brand won’t lack behind and will always stay relevant to changing landscapes of social media.

Increasing Reach Over Facebook

Millions of people have Facebook profiles and millions of people daily log in to catch updates on their news feed, making Facebook a great platform to market your BRAND, and go through the eyes of a mass audience. The biggest pro marketers have is that they can segment over Facebook using demographics and behavior because everyone is a user. Here at Controlled Labs, we take things seriously and storytelling is one of them and we make sure we help Brands to communicate their stories in the best way possible. Controlled Labs specializes in social media management in Asia, from creating personalized messages to adding attractive pieces of visuals and targeting specific niches we’ll help YOU to reach your ideal customers. Our in-house experts are capable of making perfect advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for YOUR brand to prosper and get you the leads and eventually SALES.

Utilizing Visual Communications to Maxima

Getting people’s attention using images and visual representations is becoming the need of the hour and Instagram has managed to be a perfect platform for telling stories and meaningful messages to audiences with visuals. Instagram has the audacity to help YOU connect to YOUR audience in a more meaningful way through videos and photos and GIFs, so going to Instagram to advertise is nothing to think about because millions use this app daily and you promoting your brand over there will never make you go irrelevant. Talking about the leading social media agencies so Controlled Labs is always there to help YOU to advertise your brand through Instagram’s complex marketing features with the utmost ease. Instagram is just perfect to get to your audience through its scrumptious visuals, and by staying along with Controlled Labs, our experts in social marketing will help your brand to have maximum reach with great content on pages.

Brand Growth via Video Marketing

With the greater availability of the internet, YouTube is becoming madly famous and is recognized all around the globe with hundreds of minutes of video content being uploaded there every hour, making it the second most authentic platform after search engines. Irrespective of what audience you are targeting they are without any doubt using YouTube on a daily, making it the best marketing channel to advertise your brand. Anyone with knowledge relating to advertising is aware of video marketing and knows if it is carried out effectively it creates unprecedented brand loyalty. Working with leading social media marketing agencies like Controlled Labs can help you get to your rightful audience and take your brand to new heights as the in-house professionals at Controlled Labs are always there to help you and make strategies for your brand to cater to the millions and billions of active monthly YouTube users.

Having strong roots at LinkedIn

Talking about professional networking sites LinkedIn is the one that tops everyone. LinkedIn’s been the most professional site lately where different industry leaders come and interact with each other from around the globe and share ideas and communicate their brand visions with people having similar interests. Controlled Labs, can help you communicate with 500 million active LinkedIn users. As a B2B marketing agency ourselves we know the importance of maintaining beneficial relationships, and that’s the one reason why Controlled Labs has managed to list itself as one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Asia. Our experts can help in clearing the hurdles on the way to new business partnerships and stronger connections by using LinkedIn’s B2B marketplace, to convey the best rightful content, creating a corporate environment for relations to boost. Any niche can be targeted directly using a digital ecosystem for YOUR brand to deliver YOUR message.

Role, Camera—Action! It’s time to kick-start your Projects.

Controlled Labs will help you Reach TOP, achieving all milestones.